This course targets individuals who want to be professionals in the hotel industry, those who want to be self-employed or those with passion and want to get better their cooking skills. Our students are acquainted with modern job-oriented practical skills, in a well equipped kitchen for six months, after which they are allowed to go for internship in modern hotels offering a variety of cuisines. They are also privileged to be taught by highly experienced Italian chef in various cuisines. The available courses as follows;


 Artisan Catering Course

 Duration: 1 year

  • Food Production
  • Food Service
  • Food Science and Nutrition

NVCET Catering Course

 Duration: 1 Year


 Short Courses: 

1.      Cookery (Hot kitchen) for 3 months

  • Soups, salads, Sources
  • Protein, Dishes, Starches
  • Vegetables, Desserts
  • Menu planning, Food costing

2.      Pastry and Bakery for 3 months

  • Snacks, Cakes, Pastries
  • Yeast products, Sandwiches etc.

3.      Cookery, Pastry and Bakery for 6 months

  • Soups, salads, Sources
  • Protein, Dishes, Starches
  • Vegetables, Desserts
  • Snacks, Cakes, Pastries
  • Yeast products, Sandwiches
  • Menu planning, Food costing

Support subjects

  • Communication skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer packages

Intakes in progress

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Internal for short courses

NVCET by ministry of youth


KNEC for Artisan course 


Please ensure you bring or attach to the application the following testimonials;

  • Primary School leaving certificate. Photocopy
  • Secondary school result slip/certificate. Photocopy
  • Secondary school leaving certificate (if any). Photocopy
  • Birth certificate
  • National ID (if any). Photocopy
  • 4 passport size photographs
  • Duly signed attached copy of declaration form in the code of conduct by the student and parent/guardian/sponsor ( a copy enclosed)
  • Trainee personal detail form fully signed by the guardian/parent/sponsor.

N/B: You will be guided by the teachers and our staff on other requirements like uniforms and others upon registration.

To apply online for this course.

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Our vision is to be a leading, self-sustainable institution that offers the youth, mainly less privileged, holistic education based on Catholic experience and technical training suitable to the job market.


  • Educate the students in all dimensions: communitarian, technical, entrepreneurial, sport, on job (dual) training.
  • Continual training of the management and teachers for deeper self awareness and better knowledge of new technologies.
  • Our offer to be in line with the need of the market and keep up with the new technologies.
  • Increase the synergies with private and public sector and universities.
  •  Networking with the best national and international VTIs.

St Kizito VTI is:

  •  a Vocational Training Institute of the CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF NAIROBI
  • an Institute of Technology & Examination Centre Registered by the Government  -   Registration No. MOEST/PC/886/04
  • PO Box 759 - 00618 RUARAKA - NAIROBI – KENYA