This course targets young adults who are interested in a career that can lead them to salaried or self-employment. Students from this course will have acquired unmatched skills that will make them and their clients happy for their results. It will enable students to interact with modern machines in the most advanced technology of cabinet making. Students in this course will also interact during internship with highly skilled people in big international companies who are our partners in the training. The learning environment and method will help a learner to become a great asset to the society with a great gaze at the reality. It is a hands-on skill course covering the following subjects: 

Core Subjects

Supportive subjects

Cabinet making

Workshop safety precautions

Basic Woodworking

Tools Maintenance


Technical Drawing

Communication Skills

Computer Skills


Internship with big companies

Working with modern machine



This is a two year course


Government Grade III, II and I

Intake in September every year and Interviews in July Contact the office for interview dates or visit our interactive Facebook page for regular updates. Due to corona effects we will have new intake and interviews in September.


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Our vision is to be a leading, self-sustainable institution that offers the youth, mainly less privileged, holistic education based on Catholic experience and technical training suitable to the job market.


  • Educate the students in all dimensions: communitarian, technical, entrepreneurial, sport, on job (dual) training.
  • Continual training of the management and teachers for deeper self awareness and better knowledge of new technologies.
  • Our offer to be in line with the need of the market and keep up with the new technologies.
  • Increase the synergies with private and public sector and universities.
  •  Networking with the best national and international VTIs.

St Kizito VTI is:

  •  a Vocational Training Institute of the CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF NAIROBI
  • an Institute of Technology & Examination Centre Registered by the Government  -   Registration No. MOEST/PC/886/04
  • PO Box 759 - 00618 RUARAKA - NAIROBI – KENYA